Cat Bird! App yorumlar

Make it MULTIPLAYER (please?)

So it would or could be worldwide type multiplayer or just with friends. The lobby place where everyone would spawn would look like the lever “the room” with different courses and game modes. (If you get enough crowns or other things you might add to collect) and everyone would keep their current skin (black, gold, classic etc...) and there can be a chat but you can hide it so it won’t take away from the open/ wide feel of the game. Also a tiny report bugs button in the settings. That would be nice. Catbird is amazing without multiplayer but I think being able to toggle between multiplayer and singleplayer would be nice. Thanks for reading. Love, Birchfern

So fun but needs more stuff

So, I’m on the final world in the original storyline,(spoilers) Winda, and I just thought, this game is rad but I totally am going to finish it soon, so please add more content thankyou thankyou thankyou!🐈🕊

I have a few ideas

This game is great! I think there are a few things that should be added though : More worlds A level creator A cat customizer Multiplayer Other than that, this is a great game!


I know this is long but please read until the end. So this is an updated part of the review: Hello there cat birds! :3 I REALLY hope you get the game. Most of the stuff I want to say is in the old review, so read📚 that at the bottom to see it. In short terms, ITS AMAZING. The story is really good, especially for an app with NO dialog and NO voice acting! One of the best things about it are NO in app purchases, unless there is an ad blocker. If there is thats the ONLY in app purchase. Also a lot of people claim that the level : The Chase is impossible or too hard to beat, but trust me, it IS possible. Yes, it is really hard. I’m not gonna spoil it or give hints tho. Now onto suggestions. please add more cat skins? I was hoping one would be a galaxy cat🌌 because of the different worlds being planets, but there isn’t a galaxy one. Plz add it? I know this would take awhile to program, but maybe a thing where we could make our own levels? Also maybe special levels for dual player if you added dual player? Finally, I saw someone else say this and I agree. If more worlds are added, which I hope they are, can you get bigger wings after beating world four that let you hover? Thanks, and I REALLY hope you get the app! Old review: I thought that this would be another one of those games that you think you will like. You like it for a day then get bored and delete it. BUT NO!!! Cat Bird is probably the best platformer game I've EVER played. The music made me puke fuzzy kittens and rainbows! The art is so adorable that I want it- the wittle kitten is so adorable I want one. The music and graphics are close to one of my favorite games ever: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Time. I do have some suggestions. Add more worlds. Only three worlds is not enough in my opinion. Make it so that you can fly for about half a second longer maybe? Also, PLEASE make it so that's there are less adds. Almost every time you lose, you watch an add. It is almost like the game is punishing you for failing. Tone down the adds without have to pay real money PLZ! That is really the only things I can say before I die of being off of Cat Bird so long. Thx for reading- and GET THE APP!!! Ps: I know this would make some people really mad but I would love it if a cat bird plushie was on I don’t know how getting stuff on Amazon works but I would love it! :D


This is really cute and I love the great pixel animations.But there's on problem ITS TO HARD!!! I'm on the second world but can't even beat level 1! And also when I was on the first world I also couldn't get past level 5!


I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a game this much. It is such a time killer and the difficulty of the levels is manageable and not impossible like other games tend to be. The pixel design is so cute too! I have beat the whole game and collected all the achievements and I still haven't been able to find another game quite like this one.

Very Good Game

Honestly I Really Love This Game

Level 3 is impossible

I tried level 3 since you can’t do double jump it’s impossible!!!!

Controls need work

Overall everything is fine but the control are tiny and if pressed the wrong button might be chosen/very hard to control

Awesome game

Very fun to play. Nice pixel art.


I love the graphics but the screen freezes a lot and it crashes a lot 😻😻😻😾

Never play

This game is The worst idiotic and I hate it becauseCheese it’s and saltines and I hated it so he’s Play if you’re dumb

i love this game so muCH

this game is... GORGEOUS AND SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY! the graphics are beautiful, and the way everything moves is so gorgeous i love everything about this game!! get it, people... its a game worth spending afew minutes downloading..

Really Fun!!! Keep up the good work!

EDIT: game no longer crashes, yay! I love this game! It feels really unique and I love the cute little main character. My only issue with this game is that some times the app crashes after displaying an advertisement. Another thing that I noticed is that when you are playing as a different skin, the animation stays as the generic skin. I personally enjoyed the challenge that came with figuring out each level as the game got more difficult, and all of the game mechanics that come into play. I wish this game had more worlds!!


This game is amazing! The art style is one of the best I have ever seen on a game, and this is coming from a fellow artist. Everything works great together. I would describe it as divine!! Keep making more games plz!!


This game presents a challenge, is aesthetically pleasing, fun, absolutely adorable, and a good time killer. Do yourself a favor, download this game.


Thank you creators for making this very amazing game, it was one of the best games I have ever played and it will always hold a very special place in my heart I was playing this once and my friend saw me playing it and now They’re addicted to this game too(they even said it was Lit, I’m sure it is) I took tons of screenshots because I wanted to capture all the breath taking art and pixels! The gameplay overall is extraordinary, it’s not too hard and not too easy plus the extra tricky parts to get to the crowns, not to mention the catchy Music and soundtrack! I even caught myself singing the tune to Marda one day😊 I usually don’t write game reviews, but Cat Bird has me hooked and it well deserves a review from an honest fan. Maybe next time you could do an update where we could explore Cat Bird’s home planet , like there could even be that big tree that we would be able to climb or something, Anyway that’s up to you guys, it would definitely bring me back for more and I certainly don’t want to let go so soon I recommend this for anyone that wants a cute time, All the love, from a satisfied player


I loved the challenges, and was sad to see the game go in just 3 hours. Make this longer and my life will be substantially better!

Wurst con trolls ever

Horrible controls push left go right push right go left push jump no jump just die Die die die

terrible gameplay

push bird is impossible i cant even pass. it killed me like 100000 time. the boxes don’t help. they just push me in the water. worst game ever. do not play crappy game.

Pretty and fun!

The art in this game is really good! Beating a level is fun and satisfying.

Great game, but some issues

EDIT: I originally rated 3 stars because of the crashes, but those seem to have stopped now. With those gone, the game is fantastic! This is a wonderful free game that I've enjoyed (and been frustrated with) so far. However, the main flaws are that the combination of ads, game crashes, and sudden jumps in difficulty make it hard to enjoy. As I've progressed into the game, crashes have occurred more and more frequently. I don't know what's causing them (I play on an iPad mini) but they really frustrate me and damage my momentum. As for difficulty, getting the crowns is a bit of a gripe, but so far I've only missed two. The issue is that the first is out of reach without any clues that I can find directing me to it. The second just a frustratingly perfect maneuver between some spikes that is featured similarly in the next level (which I am now stuck on). All in all, the difficulty of timing this correctly just seems out of place. Again, for a free game, this is very well designed. The crashes and long ads (which would be fine if not for the crashes and frequent deaths) just make it fall short. Hopefully the bugs are resolved, because they happen so frequently. If not for that, I'd likely give it 5 stars.


This is a great game!!!!! I love the graphics and sound track, and I’ll say it again, I LUV IT!

Great but....

I love the game but the second to last level Is so hard I died 97 times

So Cute!

This game is adorable and it's obvious that a lot of work went into it. I can't recommend it enough!

seriously my favorite game ever

this game is stunning with both its beauty and it's intrigue. full of fun yet challenging and puzzling levels. very addictive. just wish there were more worlds to play!!! truly amazing game!!!!


I love this game, the only thing I’d want are more worlds/levels to play in!


The game is awesome and cute, sometimes hard but satisfying and fun. I just wish for more levels and more customization chances.

I Love Cat Bird!!!

Man, Cat Bird is the COOLEST!! It has NOTHING wrong with it!!! Well, the ads are a pain sometimes, but you can skip them which takes like, 5 seconds, so I don’t get why people write bad reviews for the ads!! C’mon, they gotta make some profit!! And you can remove ads, which costs money, but not everything’s free!! Cat Bird is the best game ever, and I hope I’m helping it by writing this review!! I removed ads, I signed up for the newsletter, and I tell my friends all the time about this game, and I think a lot of people would love this game, if they could find it!! I searched up Cat Bird, and it took a while to find it! If I could get my mom and dad to let me do more stuff, I’d make a Cat Bird YouTube channel, and a Cat Bird Fandom Wiki, and I’d put my Cat Bird fan art on Instagram and all that other stuff!! I’m sorta not allowed to though. But I’m doing the best I can to help Cat Bird as much as I can!! So if you are reading this, then help me and Raiyumi out by getting it!! It’s really fun, and I KNOW you will really like it a lot!! You should totally get it!! Don’t listen to the bad reviews!! It’s great!!

Wayyyyyy too many ads

This game is obviously a well made game that needs to make their money. But it is just so frustrating when you are trying to beat a level and every 2 times you die, an ad pops up in your face and if you do accidentally click on it, it crashes the game. This game is great otherwise all the ads

The cutest little game this side of free to play

I didn't have a ton of expectations going into a free mobile game and as a result I got one of the most charming little puzzle platformers I've played in years. Each world is thoughtfully designed and offers plenty of challenge and fun. The graphics are gorgeous and even feature a few animated cutscenes. Paying to remove ads is an excellent way to tip the devs for such a great experience, but not necessary at all to enjoy this game and I appreciate that. All in all, if you want something cute to kill your time with, look no further


I love this game it is so much fun in love the pixel graphics and the great platforming. The only thing I don't like is all the adds


This game is so fun and the graphics are really good!!💖💖 12/10 highly recommended!!


I think this app is great, I finished the game and it is very worth it. The ads used to be annoying but, you can get rid of them for $1.99. Overall, I can’t find any flaws and I think it’s amazing.


Игра требует оптимизации, а также я заметил такой баг, что над головой котоптицы появляется полоска белого цвета.


I absolutely love platformers, and these aesthetic graphics were great! The levels were just the right amount of difficult, and even after you complete the game, the is much more to do. The music was lovely as well, and the story and characters behind the game was short and cute. There is also a feature where you can record, so if you want to post it to YouTube or share something with your friends, just hit record and save it to your photos when you're done.


I love this game it's so pixel like its amazing I love all the cats but some of the challenges get annoying and that the cat isn't able to fly well another thing is that I know you guys wanna make that mulla but why so many the game is already good try adding purchases for gadgets or power ups or for certain cats 🐱 like try to make a mama cat that is greater then this adorable but very slow kitten I recommend getting this if your patient or your ok 👌🏻 with adds I just started but I'm taking a break cause it has gotten very annoying so ya i loveeeeee this game but TAKE OUT THE ADDS just try selling secret cats or power ups or secret bonus levels you can do for gadgets so if your reading this pls do this and another thing I forgot to mention is that those dumb yellow turtle porcupine things I don't even get close to them and they still kill me how dumb is THAT

Cute, Great Graphics.

This is the most rage inducing game I have ever played in my entire life. Okay but honestly lol, this game is really great, and was very challenging. I completed it in a few hours and got insanely mad multiple times--I died over 600 times, not sure if that's a ton but it sure felt like it haha--but had a ton of fun in the process. I really loved the graphics, and especially the music. I most definitely would recommend this to anyone that likes pixel games! Thanks for a great experience. I'll keep it and play all of the levels again soon.

To hard

Ok I LOVE the game but there is one thing I hate the frustration it's way to hard I'm stuck on the last level and it's to hard it's just so frustrating and I would like it to just be a little easyer besides this the game is great and also if you want online and adventures stuff like that play animal jam play wild


I have beaten all 4 worlds and collected all 30 crowns - this has become my favorite iOS game. Try it.

Fun game, but.....

Great game, cool graphics and music, but the developer went for the cash grab and now ads pop up in the middle of game play. Really ruins the fun and I will be deleting the game.

The Cutest pixel game yet

This game is really charming. I’ve finished the first three worlds, though they got very challenging (vertigo was what got me over and over again). Maybe in the future you can have ways to skip a level or two so you aren’t stuck forever on the hard ones, because on some of the, I was stuck for a long time. Aside from that, this game has incredible graphics, simple controls, a nice soundtrack, and fun characters. I’m excited to see more!

Fun game, but there’s glitches

The game overall is fine. It can be merciless at times and the difficulty often varies vastly from level to level, but it’s a really fun game to play. One complaint- the controls glitch. I’ll play for a while and all of a sudden the controls will just slowly stop working. I can’t jump, move in the direction I want to or move at all at times. I’ll randomly drop out of the air while flying too, making the game nearly impossible to play. Not sure why this is happening, I’ve tried restarting my phone but it’s not working. Please fix this :(

Not hard enough

I loved this app when I first got it and there were only three worlds the levels got challenging as you progressed with some of the crowns in 3 being near impossible to get. I loved this I would spend hours in class trying to get the crowns and I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I would finally finish the level. I just found out there was a 4th world today and I was so excited because I’ve been needing another game but then I finished the world in one day. I’m not sure why it was easier that world three, but I loved taking hundreds of times to get something because it’s just so hard. I hope the next level comes soon and actually makes me struggle for a few weeks.

Great game

Fun game, it's very reminiscent of super meat boy, but not copying it. It's one of the few games that keeps you challenged, but isn't rage inducing, would recommend.

Please make more games like this

Please we all love the game and I admire and loved and hated when I finished so please make more

i love!!

i absolutely love this game. please make a part two !!!!

I'm in love...

I sometimes find myself looking for a decent game in the app store. I tend to find the occasional half decent game with unoriginal mechanics and a bit of a twist but this game... Very rarely will I find a game in the app store that I would expect to find in a Nintendo cartridge. I could never imagine that a free IPhone game could make me feel happiness like this. The only mistakes I could find were a few graphical glitches and the fact that this game only has 3 stages. Seriously please make a sequel or something!! I truly love this game and hope the best for it's developers ❤️ -(update) Thaks! Zipsa is awesome!!-And my favorite soundtrack yet!! P.S. One more crown to go :D


Hey guys! This game is amazing! I love the pixel graphics and the cute cats, (SPOILER ALERT: I got the secret cats. The first one is black, and the second one is gold. To get crowns in the new world you will have to find openings in the wall. They are hard to spot, but they look like little dents in the walls.) But I have a few things I would want to be added: First of all, I would want multiplayer mode to do adventures. In the multiplayer mode there can be a chat, more likely a voice chat so you can speak to other people. Second of all, I would some more cats to be added. Maybe something like a grey one, a starry one, an orange tabby cat, a flame one and a blue one. How bout that? Or maybe you can add all those and then make a cat customized so people can customize their cats in their own way. Siamese markings, stripes, Bengal color patterns, maybe a Chimera cat color marking. Third of all,I would like some more levels. Well, I meant worlds. Maybe a blue ocean world, then a black world and maybe a white world. Just think about it, please?🐱🐶❤️❤️ Then, I would like to have a thing that while you complete levels, your wings grow, and at last you can hover. Thank you for reading this and please try to include some of this. PS: I’m almost a eleven year old and CatBird is one of my favorite games. Lots ‘a love from Liza,(#Kittycatdays) 🐶🐱🦁🦊🦉🦅🦇🐺🐴🦄🐆🦌🐅🐕🐩🐈🐾🐉

Nice Platformer

After pretty throughly clearing every world I think I can say the game is well worth downloading and the ads are worth waiting through to play, never seemed to get too boring since every few levels introduce a new mechanic, but I can stop thinking about how the character kind of reminds me of Yakopoo from trip world since both of them look the same and both start off with the ability to glide. [Edit] Good update, feels good to 100% the crowns again.

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