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I have beaten all 4 worlds and collected all 30 crowns - this has become my favorite iOS game. Try it.

Fun game, but.....

Great game, cool graphics and music, but the developer went for the cash grab and now ads pop up in the middle of game play. Really ruins the fun and I will be deleting the game.

The Cutest pixel game yet

This game is really charming. I’ve finished the first three worlds, though they got very challenging (vertigo was what got me over and over again). Maybe in the future you can have ways to skip a level or two so you aren’t stuck forever on the hard ones, because on some of the, I was stuck for a long time. Aside from that, this game has incredible graphics, simple controls, a nice soundtrack, and fun characters. I’m excited to see more!

Fun game, but there’s glitches

The game overall is fine. It can be merciless at times and the difficulty often varies vastly from level to level, but it’s a really fun game to play. One complaint- the controls glitch. I’ll play for a while and all of a sudden the controls will just slowly stop working. I can’t jump, move in the direction I want to or move at all at times. I’ll randomly drop out of the air while flying too, making the game nearly impossible to play. Not sure why this is happening, I’ve tried restarting my phone but it’s not working. Please fix this :(

Not hard enough

I loved this app when I first got it and there were only three worlds the levels got challenging as you progressed with some of the crowns in 3 being near impossible to get. I loved this I would spend hours in class trying to get the crowns and I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I would finally finish the level. I just found out there was a 4th world today and I was so excited because I’ve been needing another game but then I finished the world in one day. I’m not sure why it was easier that world three, but I loved taking hundreds of times to get something because it’s just so hard. I hope the next level comes soon and actually makes me struggle for a few weeks.

Great game

Fun game, it's very reminiscent of super meat boy, but not copying it. It's one of the few games that keeps you challenged, but isn't rage inducing, would recommend.

Please make more games like this

Please we all love the game and I admire and loved and hated when I finished so please make more

i love!!

i absolutely love this game. please make a part two !!!!

I'm in love...

I sometimes find myself looking for a decent game in the app store. I tend to find the occasional half decent game with unoriginal mechanics and a bit of a twist but this game... Very rarely will I find a game in the app store that I would expect to find in a Nintendo cartridge. I could never imagine that a free IPhone game could make me feel happiness like this. The only mistakes I could find were a few graphical glitches and the fact that this game only has 3 stages. Seriously please make a sequel or something!! I truly love this game and hope the best for it's developers ❤️ -(update) Thaks! Zipsa is awesome!!-And my favorite soundtrack yet!! P.S. One more crown to go :D


Hey guys! This game is amazing! I love the pixel graphics and the cute cats, (SPOILER ALERT: I got the secret cats. The first one is black, and the second one is gold. To get crowns in the new world you will have to find openings in the wall. They are hard to spot, but they look like little dents in the walls.) But I have a few things I would want to be added: First of all, I would want multiplayer mode to do adventures. In the multiplayer mode there can be a chat, more likely a voice chat so you can speak to other people. Second of all, I would some more cats to be added. Maybe something like a grey one, a starry one, an orange tabby cat, a flame one and a blue one. How bout that? Or maybe you can add all those and then make a cat customized so people can customize their cats in their own way. Siamese markings, stripes, Bengal color patterns, maybe a Chimera cat color marking. Third of all,I would like some more levels. Well, I meant worlds. Maybe a blue ocean world, then a black world and maybe a white world. Just think about it, please?🐱🐶❤️❤️ Then, I would like to have a thing that while you complete levels, your wings grow, and at last you can hover. Thank you for reading this and please try to include some of this. PS: I’m almost a eleven year old and CatBird is one of my favorite games. Lots ‘a love from Liza,(#Kittycatdays) 🐶🐱🦁🦊🦉🦅🦇🐺🐴🦄🐆🦌🐅🐕🐩🐈🐾🐉

Nice Platformer

After pretty throughly clearing every world I think I can say the game is well worth downloading and the ads are worth waiting through to play, never seemed to get too boring since every few levels introduce a new mechanic, but I can stop thinking about how the character kind of reminds me of Yakopoo from trip world since both of them look the same and both start off with the ability to glide. [Edit] Good update, feels good to 100% the crowns again.

Literally one of my favorite games

I am having so much fun! I beat all the levels, and now I’m getting the crowns! Two to go! Please make more games, you’re amazing!

Really Fun!!! Keep up the good work!

I love this game! It feels really unique and I love the cute little main character. My only issue with this game is that some times the app crashes after displaying an advertisement. Another thing that I noticed is that when you are playing as a different skin, the animation stays as the generic skin. I personally enjoyed the challenge that came with figuring out each level as the game got more difficult, and all of the game mechanics that come into play. I wish this game had more worlds!!

Great work!

Hey great job to whoever made this. I don’t write reviews often but I felt like I had to. This game is fantastic and the newest update with a whole new world shows that your still working and improving upon this game. Keep up the good work!

Favorite IOS game of all time

This game is amazing. People complain about the difficulty but it's really not that hard. I love the retro feel and how cute it is. Also, the new update with the 4th world is amazing and fleshes out the game a lot more. Can't wait to see if there will be more world!

Fun, cute and challenging.

Play it!

Great app

To lazy to write a long review so I just want to say this is a great app totally recommend it

This game has changed my life

This game is so good I'm in love with it I finished the game and I was so happy because it was fun and hard cute but then I got really sad because I finished the game and there's no more I am begging and preying that you guys make a part 2 this game made me not stress or make me bored it was the best game I've ever played when I was bored all the time I would always go to this game and boom I'm busy all day because of this game I have it on my iPad and my Mom's phone my dad's phone I would get it on my siblings phones but I can't i don't want to play any other game but this it weird because I have a hundred games on my iPad but this one was the one that spotted my eye always it's the perfect game for me please make this game catbird 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, <- that's how many catbird games you should make and continue

Challenging but not impossible.

I am not a gamer and i usually don't finish most games but this was the one I completed! It's such a cute game and I love how challenging it gets. It does get frustrating cuz in word 3 the last few levels drove me nuts, as they should it's the end of the game, but they weren't impossible to beat by any means. You just have go try a few more times. Totally recommend Cat Bird even tho it looks exactly like a bat lol

Great game!

What’s next cat dog? Oh wait..

Need help

How do you get passed “crate race” ??? Been on this for 2 weeks now and can’t get passed it. Any suggestions?


Love to play it all the time. I wish there were more levels even if I had to pay for them.

A great game

I love the pixel art.It reminds me of some classic games. Also the puzzle are challenging that's how I like it.

Surprisingly Good!

This game is very fun. I am amazed that it is free. The only reason I give this 4 stars instead of 5 is because the game could use more checkpoints. It is not fun when you get by one challenging obstacle, then fail the next obstacle, and have to do the first one again after it already took you several tries to beat it.

Just one issue...

I love this game, don't get me wrong. I love the music, art style, and levels. The crowns were challenging to get, and I like that. The only problem I had is that the game is pretty short, and I beat it in under two hours. Only played more to get the crowns. Other than that, this is a great game!

Great game

Really a great game, a modern mario. If you like snes games you gonna like this as well. The only problem not too many levels. Finished the game in 3 days. Collected all the crowns except for one. How the heck do you get the crown from wold 2, level 9? I mean is it even possible?


ok so I was just looking at random games and I was like what's this and then I was like why not give it a try and then I fell in love fun game u should get it thank u for making the game btw and I'm happy it is free like wow

This game was so good, so I hope they make a part two

Normally I would see a game and it would be bad, but the way that I saw this game had a good story. Also, the controls were easier then most games I played. I would also love it if they made cat bird 2. If you have not got the game yet I suggest you should download it. And to the creators who made cat bird if you are seeing this then PLEASE MAKE CAT BIRD 2 and thank you for making cat bird.


I, LOVE this game, I play it when I'm not bored but I am stuck on the last island level 10 AND WANT TO SCREAM, like UGH it's so good AND CHALLENGING I am 15 and want to break my phone

Super cute but one thing..

On the second planet there is this one level called "Crate Race". It's impossible to avoid the flames because of their speed and how much there are. You can't dodge them at all!

Should be longer

This is an AMAZING game, I just think that it was too short. Maybe make an Ice world or a Water World or something. Maybe make a volcano or something.


Awesome simply awesome👍👍👍😁😁😁

Loved it

I love the game. However I would like more wolds and/ or levels. Or even a sequel.

This is a really great game!!!

This game has amazing pixel art and levels, and I love the variety of obstacles you face! Personally I like how you don't get to angry at the game and that the levels are short. The only thing I would change is maybe the size of the control buttons, or maybe add a few more soundtracks. Others, I really enjoy this game!😄

It's fun


Good, but Hush Kitty is too hard

I really like this game, I even recommended it to my younger brother who likes it just as much as me. But the reason for the four stars is because Hush Kitty is too hard because you as the player are have no choice but to go under the spike wheel which makes you vulnerable to the spike creature. Plz in a future update, make this part easier or at least provide an alternate route around the spike wheel that is easier. Thank you for your time to read this developers :)


I just want to start by saying that I LOVE THIS GAME!! Most people say that the difficulty spikes too much but really, you just need the patience. I already beat the game, but I need to get the crowns! As for ads, they only give you a 5 sec ad when you die a lot of times. So.. GET THIS GAME ITS CUTE AND AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!



Love it

I love the art the music and the idea! I wished the game was longer since the animation was cute. Please continue to make more games like this!! Totally would buy!


I bought this app about 1 month ago and I'm addicted! Although I finished the game in 1 week sadly, I still play it because the fact that someone came up with a flying kitty is just adorable!!!!

I love the game... but

Its so addictive. But... now I've beat all the levels. I thought there would be another secret world unlocked after completing the 3rd world. But nope. Cat bird just plows through a new worlds butthole and comes out on top and it just says, thanks for playing!! This game needs more levels and worlds! Please please!!


amazing game overall. I actually like the level spikes. it makes it more challenging. the retro feel is great along with the music. extremely challenging sometimes but too easy other times. but 5 ⭐️ no doubt about it. I hope more is added on or there is a second game where levels are harder for more experienced players. I freaking love this game

What is with the inappropriate ads??!

I let my kid play this game. Then he shows me the "funny" ad. It is a game called ChOices. It is so inappropriate, showing grown ups in bed together, asking if they want to use handcuffs!.? WTH this game is rated for 9 year olds. I demand you remove this at once or this game is being deleted. Ruined a very cute game for kids. And the ads fill the screen with no option to skip until a certain time has passed . Who manages this app!?!?!?

Get it

Great game, pay for the no ads. Difficult but fair. Yes, it's short but so what, worth a couple of bucks.

Great platformer

I watch the ads when i die, i think the developer deserves it!

Challenging but it's worth it!

Really cute game, I loved it. It is very challenging on some levels but that makes the game worth it. Sometimes when it was too hard and I died dozens of them, I would just put the game down and pick it up 10 mins later and pass the level. So be patient, you might not finish it in one go, but it's worth it!

Great fkn game

increasingly challenging. Fun. Simple. I keep coming back to it. Look forward to new levels (and abilities?)

If the controls worked, it would be much better

Deaths due to player error: 14 or so Deaths due to fingers moving six nanometers to the right or left of the dead center of the button in the middle of a precision jump: 62,357 or so The game is both kinds of difficult: the real kind, which is fun and a fair challenge, and the fake kind (due to the controls), which just makes everything frustrating.

Great platformer

It is a great game but it's too short.

I like it but

I like it but world winds level sea salt is to hard to just go up down and not die from the spikes

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